Symposium: Improving NHS Quality Using Internet Ratings and Experiences

This free event will consist of research findings from the INQUIRE team and talks from external speakers (including CareOpinion, IWantGreatCare, The King’s Fund and academic colleagues with expertise in patient experience and quality improvement).

Date and time: Wednesday 6th June 2018 10-00 – 16:00.
Venue: Wolfson College, Linton Rd, Oxford OX2 6UD.

The event will be of interest to those with interests in: digital health, patient experience, quality improvement, science and technology studies, and health care policy and practice.

This event is made possible through the support of NIHR HS&DR.



9.20 Coffee/refreshments on arrival

10:00-10:25 Welcome and overview of INQUIRE research programme – John Powell

10:25-10:50 Fadhila Mazanderani Conversations about care: patient and family members’ perspectives of ratings, reviews and feedback about NHS healthcare services.

10:50-11:15 Farzana Dudhwala The 5W1H (Who, What, Where, When, Why & How) of Online Patient Feedback in NHS Trusts: Findings from an Ethnographic Engagement with 4 NHS Trusts in England’

11:15-11:40 Louise Locock (University of Aberdeen) USPEx – Understanding how frontline staff use patient experience data for improvement

11:40-12:10 Meghan Leaver (University of Oxford) Wisdom of Patients


 13:10-13:35 Douglas Findlay Reflecting on INQUIRE

13:35-14:05 Neil Bacon (IWantGreatCare)The Future of Healthcare – the patient makes the choices about their care

14:05 -14:35 Tim Hunt (CareOpinion) Using Online Stories on Care Opinion for Quality Improvement

 14:35 – 14:55 Coffee /refreshments

 14:55-15.25 Dan Wellings (King’s Fund) Insight and feedback in the NHS: Not where it should be?

15:25-16:00 Discussion: implications for policy and practice

16:00 Finish

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